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~Ubuntu Village, Prairie Creek Settlement~

Imagine a World without Money or Currency of any kind. Have you ever considered it? Within the pages of this site you will discover how Money was invented and remains the single element that prevents humans from becoming free, sustainable, able to enjoy unlimited free energy and the highest forms of technology which serve to restore the Creation, Plants, Animals, Earth and People to perfect health.
While many are still chasing the dollar and frantically worried about a monetary collapse, we on the other hand are designing a better world that will be unaffected by such a collapse. Which world are you prepared to invest your energy in?
On this site you will discover the various Challenges the monetary system has created, learn about Suppressed knowledge and Information, Discover real Solutions to those Challenges and Learn of a Small Village in Missouri for those who want to physically do something to better the world and reconnect with Nature as humans were always intended to be.

Please take a moment to review the following information

before continuing your Journey.

ideas, some of which he embraced quite rigidly. This path has served to dismantle falsehood and unveil truth as can only be understood when the proverbial veil has been lifted and the previously held fallacies are revealed for what they are, illusion.

Photo: Judah with Appaloosa 'Pride'

"Only through UNITY can we achieve infinite diversity and abundance" ~ Michael Tellinger 

With the culmination of various creative solutions, the Ubuntu modeled Artisan Village at Prairie Creek Settlement is extending an invitation to those who Comprehend and Resonate with the Basic Concepts of the following Philosophies and are Seeking a Place to Manifest these Philosophies into Reality with others of Like Mind to return to a Money Free World, full of Abundance, Beauty and Advanced (Zero-Point) Technologies:

(for more information and further reference please visit the following links to each topic below)

1. Ubuntu Contributionism

2. Self-Governance/Anarchy, not Chaos

3. Natural Law

4. Illusions of Life

5. The Most Dangerous Superstition (Download this book for free)

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Your Journey on this Site begins with the Following Video:

'The Lie We Live'

The History of Prairie Creek Settlement (est. 1998) began with the vision of a man, Yehudah (Judah) "War Eagle" Petty. He set out to realize a better way, a way to sovereignty for all who desired to break free of the dependency on systems of enslavement. Little did he know, at the outset of his journey that it would result in a tearing down and rebuilding of all previously held belief systems and
Great Sacrifices have been made as prior friends and acquaintances have drifted away or became adversarial to the understanding and information that has come to light as a result of these truth seeking efforts. As with many of those who desire to introduce new ideas and concepts that challenge the establishment, Judah has survived ad hominem attacks and attempts at character assassination from opposing religious leaders and followers alike, those who are politically motivated, and those who simply sought to promote their own cause or agenda. Despite these struggles a few dedicated and supportive fellow visionaries have stayed the path in search of solutions for humanity and truth.
Along the way many like-minded proponents of similar causes have been realized and the numbers of those desiring similar outcomes are speaking up and becoming recognized by the droves that have served to help firm up the path to the Ultimate Destination of The Restoration of All Things.


There are those who, like Judah, innately know something is wrong with the current systems and long for things to be corrected.


After a lifetime of frustrations, disappointments, seemingly wasted efforts and destruction from failed attempts of the past to make right the wrongs, the past 20 some years has culminated in the realization that things do not change simply because one recognizes the problems or that one complains of the problems and injustice, rather change comes as a result of one taking solution oriented action.


This being said it has become glaringly clear that:

Religion will not Save us,

Medication will not Cure us,

Militant Forces will not bring us Victory,

Government will not Protect us,

Laws will not deliver Freedom,

and no amount of Money will ever Redeem us.

Instead our Salvation, Cure, Victory, Protection, Freedom and Redemption come from solution application and a unified mind. Not in the respect that we all think alike rather we are mentally working towards the same end result.

Prairie Creek Settlement . Post Office Box 1208 . Lebanon . Missouri state . [65536] . 417.588.1315 . Email Us

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