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AncientWay Living™ Courses

I tell you of a legend regarding the end of the age that speaks of a restoration of all things. Its theme is that of a coming time when humanity realizes its grievous transgression against the the whole creation when they forsook their own true nature; love, compassion, care and a nurturing spirit towards one another and all their relations; the four legged, the winged, the standing people, the creeping things and the whole earth. The man forgot his true nature and he became greedy, careless, hateful and destructive, wisdom hid herself and knowledge came to be no more. But in the day of his remembrance some embraced the old way and sought the Ancient path where the good Way is then the true nature of man returned to him. At that time all things became anew and all that was hidden was manifest and wisdom revealed herself. Those who despised the true nature of man ceased to be and Creation suffered no more.
The Great Rest is upon us.
We believe humanity has reached a pivotal point where transformation is not only essential it is demanded for our continued presence in the earth. Humans have broken protocol and abandoned their place in nature for an artificial existence based in a fiction of corporate dictate and tradition's of men. We've exchanged what is real for what is not.
AncientWay Living™ Courses serves as a tool for return.
Today we Remember.
Today we seek the Ancient Way.
Today we Live Again.
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AncientWay Education™

Knowledge and the ability to think for one's self has been stolen from the people. Education has been hijacked and replaced with a schooling system. Critical thinking replaced with logical fallacies, all of which serve to hamper and dumb down the student seeking wisdom. AncientWay Education™ Courses are designed to restore the ability to reason and think critically for one's self by reintroducing the Trivium and Quadrivium, understanding the purpose for Liberal Arts and exposing Logical Fallacies that drive much of the flawed thought processes today

AncientWay Farming™

AncientWay Farming™ courses explore in depth a sustainable method of farming known as permaculture. We firmly believe that food sovereignty is a great first step in restoring freedom to the people and that it is humanity's inherent responsibility to practice sound stewardship for healing the earth and bringing life and abundance back to the Mother from which humanity was formed and through which we share a connection to all Creation. AncientWay Farming™ delves into permaculture to not only transform the landscape for healing the man but likewise the man for healing the landscape.

AncientWay Husbandry™

Indians, before empire stuck, had no need to domesticate animals; to build pens, harvest hay or cage any beast, yet the bounty was plentiful and there existed balance and beauty unseen anywhere on earth today. It was a practice of tending the wilderness, and flowing with the cycles found in nature. Original people understood the way of the creatures of the land, the air, the lakes and streams. Each were nurtured in their own environment under the responsible stewardship of the original peoples. We have drifted far from this course and after empire arrived on the shores of this Garden of Eden, the earth was then exploited, pillaged for any and all resources that had any perceived value and was left desolate and bare. Today these destructive practices continue and the results have been nothing short of devastating for life as we know it. Do you know the difference between shepherding and herding? One involves the beast following the steward the other involves the beast running away from the steward. Which steward do you identify as the good steward. We believe that people will once again return to a better way of being where harmony can be achieved among the creatures of all kinds. AncientWay Husbandry™ will allow us to begin familiarizing ourselves with good stewardship behaviors towards our domesticated relatives and transition into restoring our wild relatives to a harmonious environment where humans assist nature in it's cycles. In this way the creation will again gladly give of its bounty to sustain all in the great circle of life as we turn back from empire and go the way of the creation and reunite ourselves with nature for the good of all.

AncientWay Technologies™

The Power belongs to the people, as do all public resources. So why is the public being charged to make use of them and how come the public is not compensated when its resources are exported for profit? The current model runs on the depletion of earth's natural resources but did you know that free energy devises exist and do not damage the environment, threaten public health or depend on our precious resources to operate. AncientWay Technologies™ Courses examine the various discoveries of the past that have been suppressed by big oil, revisits nature to investigate what has been labeled plasma technology that runs on magnetic and gravitational forces easily reproducible by the average person as well as sound frequency and nano technology as found in nature.  

The days of the Master Carpenter are all but lost. Where did our Master Artisans go? It is no coincidence that along with the mom-n-pop shops of yesteryear, we realize that fewer of the Skilled Master Craftsmen that used to dominate industry in America are anywhere to be found and where are their replacements? AncientWay Artisan™ Courses are designed to lead the modern day apprentice back to the days of Mastery through discussion and thorough instruction. Together we will identify the root cause and motivation to remove our Skilled Masters and what we can do to effectively bring them back through restoring the trades and skills of old.

AncientWay Economies™

People today are concerned about the state of our economy. Many preach about an imminent catastrophic financial collapse. People often speculate about horrific events and conditions would be following the wake of such an event. However it does not have to be as bleak a situation as some may suggest. AncientWay Economies™ introduces the most ancient and natural economic structure known to human kind through the application of bio-mimicry and it's not barter and trade. It is now an undisputed fact among Sociologists, Anthropologists and Economists that barter and trade societies never existed in the history of humanity as the basis of any economic system. A world of abundance and advancement awaits and the amazing thing is that collectively this is all achievable without money. The transition is underway and you're not going to want to miss out on this.

AncientWay Relatives™

AncientWay Relatives™ is a curiosity to the current social structures today. In times past people and family units formed close bonds and alliances with individuals and other family units that served to advance the strength and diversity of the parties involved. Today we see a remnant of this practice that exists in its most common form called marriage. Did you know that marriage was rarely originally based upon being "in love" and that marriage between a man and woman was not the exclusive rite that initiated commitments of the dedication of loyalties between people? It is important that with the restoration of the old ways that promise to bring about prosperity in application that we not neglect the area of relations and what good ethical interactions are with one another, not only with family and friends but that of neighbors and strangers as well. We should all strive to make good relations we are after all members together of the human race.

AncientWay Healing™

AncientWay Healing™ Courses strive to impart the wisdom of the healers of old into the future miracle workers of tomorrow through an education in a variety of modalities. It is evident that the Pharmaceutical Model is failing us with its use of synthetic and often experimental trials that serve to treat the man more like a guinea pig than to treat his condition. Do you know that your doctor is under no obligation to cure? This is evidenced in part by the fact that all medical licenses are secured as a license to practice medicine and that the patient is whom the physician is obliged to practice on. AncientWay Healing™ Courses look at healing the being through physical, emotional and environmental means that complement the systems of the body with the minerals, elements and nutrients found in nature to achieve a full and complete recovery in every case where healing is possible.    

AncientWay Ceremonies™

Humanity marks life's most memorable moments with ceremony, and rituals enhance the memory of recollection for lessons learned and wisdom conveyance. Therefore AncientWay Ceremonies™ serves to explain the purposes for ceremony in the average life of the human and how to use it to its best advantage. Today the role is reversed and ceremony has become routine without substance and meaning, we do things because "well, it's just always what we've done" repeating each year simply because a number on the calendar roles around. But we are not simply reliving one year after the next. Each year is anew and each day ought to be lived as the new day that it is. Ceremonies are a celebration of moving ahead from one moment to the next. Understanding how to enter into ceremony and ritual with correct intention will help one to receive and live in the gift of the present more abundantly. How great a world in the present; where the past can rest and the future is full of endless possibility and wonder.

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