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UBUNTU: "If it's not good for everyone, it's no good at all!"
















The word UBUNTU (pronounced - 'oo-boon-too') is a South African word that expresses the ancient Cherokee concept: "If it's not good for everyone, it's no good at all". This idea can be traced back to almost every ancient civilization in the world.


As with the Cherokee other Native American Tribes had just such a philosophy and their societies flourished under this model, experiencing more abundance and well-being than any modern society today.


So what is UBUNTU all about and why should I care?


Well, put simply, it is an economy that operates on the contributions of the acquired skills and knowledge, natural talents and abilities of every member of that society.


As each person gives a bit of their time doing what they love for the benefit of the whole the strength of that economy becomes well stabilized and unmatched by any economic structure today. Abundance results for all of the members of that society and there is no limit to the heights of knowledge or technologies that promise to unlock zero point free energy. We will finally realize natural healthy alternatives to the low frequency forms of energy being generated or harvested from the earth using destructive means as well as the products, industries and even medicine that harms more than it heals.


The UBUNTU model frees us from our dependence on all monetary systems and from the grip of the international bankers that control us via these tools of theirs. For as long as we continue to use the tools of another they will continue to maintain level of control over our lives. However if we desired to be truly free with abundance of renewable resources and freedom from enslavement in all areas of our life then we must depend on the one thing we have full control of and that is our Human Energy. Where will you direct yours?


UBUNTU means that you can be truly free in every sense of the word. Free to live wherever you wish to live in the world, in a home built specifically to meet all of your needs, to move about unrestricted (no more borders, licensing or regulation so long as you do not infringe on the rights of others), you'll have access to unlimited, free and clean energy, nutritious, delicious foods, sparkling, uncontaminated water, the ability to contribute your labor of love, that is, doing what it is that you love doing as part of your voluntary contribution to humanity.

UBUNTU allows for all humans to live their dreams in doing what we love by contributing to society what already comes naturally to us in our acquired skills and natural talent and ability. More on how this is possible later, but for now let's ponder the thought of a world in which you had everything you could ever need or want and all you have to do in a developed UBUNTU model economy is volunteer to 3-5 hours per WEEK working on a community project you already enjoy doing that will benefit the community you choose to live in while the rest of your week you spend your time doing whatever it is you love to do and are naturally skilled at.

For instance, if you love building, you could contribute your community time to the construction of housing community project for the towns people contributing just 3-5 hours per week. But you also enjoy sculpting and making hand crafted pottery. So when you’re done with your Community Project you go home to your private studio to fulfill requests for certain items people desire that you personally create for them. All the while you have all of the healthy, nutrient dense, food you enjoy, in a custom built home that suits your needs in a smog/pollution free location you find breathtaking, wearing custom designed clothing from the best seamstress in the community, surrounded by healthy, happy people. There are no taxes (because there is no money), crime is nearly obsolete, poverty is non-existent and hunger is a thing of the past, and best of all, everything is free!


I'm here to tell you that despite the doom and gloom preached daily by the media and fear mongers that this world I've just described is a very real possibility and there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel we find ourselves in today.


We, the Oklevueha Native American Church of Acts, have made it our mission to inform you as to how you can participate in making the world we just described to you a reality for us all.


To better understand the necessity and solution please watch the following video. We will be going in depth as to what we are doing to attain this New (renewed) Earth, how you can help us, how you can join with us and/or how you can implement this concept in your location yourself. This video is just over 2 hours long the first half exposes the truth about ancient technologies, why free energy is being suppressed today and the last half contains some of the most important information you could hear in these times we find ourselves struggling in and the perfect solution to breaking free from our human enslavement. After you view the presentation we encourage you to check the rest of our site to learn what we are doing about this situation and ways you can get involved either with us or ways you can influence your current  location.















This is an ongoing endeavor. Any new information and progress will be posted as we grow and develop. Please check back regularly and let us know if you would like to get involved.


We encourage updates as to your progress should you too desire to make this a reality! You can join our 'Real Ubuntu Communities' Group on Facebook.



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