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AncientWay Technologies™

We are in the process of experimenting with a few projects aimed at creating energy from the earth and energy from the air or aether by combining several theories proposed via different sources.

It seems at this point that an energy exists unrelated to any sources we currently utilize today. Meaning that it exists not based upon petroleum fuels, electric energy or battery power. It is an energy that we believe Tesla revealed to the world. But due to the fact it could not be monopolized and harnessed to sell to the public for big profits the energy tyrants of his day prevented him from making this knowledge publicly known.

So in an attempt to rediscover this lost and Ancient wisdom you will find our experiments, materials and discoveries posted in the following sections.

We have dedicated a couple hundred hours (and growing) of study to these concepts. The more we investigate free energy the more we begin to realize that perhaps we as humans have complicated the issue so much that we have lost the point of how simple it really is.

Stop and consider: You are actually a free energy device. You function without the need for wires, electricity, batteries and so forth. Just as the plants produce energy from the environment around them so do we in the correct environment.


You might say that we need food and water for fuel but the assimilation of that energy is much the same as the concept of free energy as we understand it.


An Engine that runs on the atmosphere still needs the atmosphere to run. Perpetual motion is deemed free energy however it may take the energy of magnets or force fields to attain this energy, arguably still considered free energy.

So with this in mind we present to you the concepts of a living growing energy cultivated from nature that has the potential of powering a light, a car, a house, perhaps a town or even a city.

We will do our best to explain these concepts as we see them and invite you to experiment, explore and contribute as you discover the world of free energy with us.

It is our goal to implement these advanced Ancient Technologies in the Ubuntu Village of Prairie Creek Settlement as we grow.


Enjoy these interesting videos in the meantime...

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