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Gifting Circle is the earliest practiced economic model among ancient peoples. 


For thousands of years Families; Clans, Bands and Tribes thrived harmoniously together in nature giving to one another as there was need based on the skills and talents within the people groups.

Knowledge was freely shared and there was no need for greed. Scarcity was unknown and all Creation flourished before the advent of a valuation system.

Before Gold, existed a Golden Age.

It is our belief, that humanity will once again realize its true potential and discard the practices that no longer serve their interest.

It is no longer in the best interest of humanity to tread down the earth and assert a forceful hand over Creation as taught though Empire thought.


Taking dominion has run its course and is fading as rapidly as the blind faith in the religions that preached such a notion.

Replacing it is the idea that humanity ought practice the good works of walking in the image of God, exhibiting the fruits of a creative force and abandoning that of a destructive force.

Messengers and Anointed ones have come teaching and preaching the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and now we understand enough to begin walking in it.

The Gifting Circle is one of the many practices that humanity will return to as the Restoration of all things begins to reveal The Kingdom of Heaven in the Earth.

This model today is known as Time Banking. A Time Bank restores value to the human by allowing for a contribution of time for time, rather than dollar for dollar.

For those in the Missouri Area you can take advantage of the benefits of Time Banking by offering services and skills for time credits which can be used to obtain the services and skills of others. This is also known as a Community Exchange System or CSE and if you would like to get started now, we look forward to reviewing your application at this link to the Sacred Artisan's Gift Exchange (S.A.G.E.) time bank.

Why is Time Banking Important?

Imbalance is created when people value their time in dollars because as many dollars as one desires can be allotted to an hour of time thus the person charging more per hour is deemed more valuable than the person charging less. This is the root of inequality and class divisions. But when we use time as our currency this places value back onto the being and all men/woman become truly equal again. The focus is on each member's contribution being just as important as the next in any given society.

This allows for 100% employment rate and each member doing what comes naturally to them in the things they love doing.

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All of the areas of our site were created with the intention to offer you as many of the pertinent articles, videos, links and information that served for us as breadcrumbs marking out the path we have traveled to arrive where we are today. This road map of sorts we offer you here is designed to bring you along the path we ourselves have traveled so that should you desire to take our AncientWay Living™ Courses, Join the Ubuntu Village here, Become a Member of our Oklevueha Native American Church or just share in general discussion with us, should we meet someday, then there may exist a good basis from which to mutually benefit one another in productive and informative conversation.


All of our AncientWay Living™ Courses are structured with the concepts presented within our site and these concepts are built into the foundation of our courses. Think of the information presented here as a form of "Required Reading" if you want to get the most out of your interactions with us. We then expand upon these concepts and practices with additional wisdom based in Nature and Ancient Practices to enhance the existing models.

This is also the basis from which many of the practices carried out within the Ubuntu Village 'Prairie Creek Settlement' can be best understood.

NOTE: It is critically important to understand that we do not necessarily endorse ALL of the information presented as conclusive or complete. Rather as stated before we have discovered wisdom and a place from which to formulate new "old" ideas and grow from in most cases.


We hope you enjoy reviewing our journey and we look forward to connecting with all who have "walked a (virtual) mile in our shoes" to discover where we resonate with one another.

~Walk Sacred~



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