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Many of us recognize that government sponsored schooling today is not the education of the past we once enjoyed.


We've witnessed a rise in homeschooling as the movement has swept across the earth both openly and underground (where it has been said to be illegal). Many parents risk their lives, their freedoms and even threaten the stability of their social and family relations upon making the decision to home school their offspring in instances where friends and family might not agree.

Those seeking alternatives to the mainstream models of schooling do so for various reasons and often with the very best intentions.


But is homeschooling, itself, enough to restore what multitudes of people are recognizing as lacking in the government sponsored public schools or is there more we need to be aware of when turning to an alternative method of learning?

Is it possible to raise our offspring independently, to be successful active contributing members of society? Not the kind who grow a military to fight rich men's wars or join the workforce of some corporate conglomerate, but rather contributing members with the capacity of mind to create solutions for a better world for all of Creation? Intelligent critical thinkers who can overcome the challenges we face today?


Are we capable of even knowing ourselves, what it is that needs restoring?


The following links are provided to assist you through the steps as we have traveled in our search to restore truth in learning.


As you watch and read through the following informational links provided below you can expect to discover:

  • How and why education was removed and replaced with a model that teaches a person WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.

  • The purpose of the Civil War from a behind the scenes perspective.

  • Why the 'mom and pop shops' have become a thing of the past and how it affects your success in the business world today.

  • Methods for determining truth when there is so much conflicting information out there.

  • The Secreted and most threatening educational model to the "establishment" that lent itself to producing the Tesla's, Reich's and Rife's of yesteryear.

  • The meaning of the seven liberal arts and how they apply to the sovereignty of humanity today.

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