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Have you ever walked with the great spirit? The spirit that resides in all things? Ever awakened in the morning to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as if beckoning you to become one with what is? Ever wondered if there was more to your mortal existence?


The answers to these questions are found within. Getting to the inner part of you that is in alignment with your divinity is the nature and purpose of Native American Spirituality. To walk with nature and feel the life-energy that permeates all things animate and inanimate is where we will find our greatest joy and ultimate purpose.


Bask in the light of others who are heeding the call of spiritual winds that carry the sacred history of indigenous spirituality from the beginning of time. Discover the gems of knowledge that lie hidden deep in the reaches of your soul. Awaken the free and transcendent spirit within you. Come to a knowledge of all things. Join us in this journey of discovery and re-discovery of truth.


Take a 'Trip' in time with us to better understand Ancient Spirituality and help us preserve Ancient Cultural Spiritual Practices!

Click the 'Button' to View - Strange Medicine "Peyote"

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