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Prairie Creek Settlement is a 120 acre Tribal modeled Ubuntu Village in the region of the Missouri Ozarks of the Gasconade watershed that joins 60,719 acres (13,945 hectares) of National Forest. You will find live water, timber and wildlife on this land that is ceremonially dedicated and publicly posted as Sacred Ground. Small towns are located within 20 minutes drive with the closest large city just over an hour away.

The 'Ubuntu' styled village within the Prairie Creek Settlement maintains over 2,000 square feet of raised bed gardens with additional food forests in formation, orchards, small herds of dairy cattle and hair sheep with goats in mind for long range plans. Laying hens, jumbo meat quail, and meat rabbits provide eggs, meat and fur pelts as well as natural dog food to the livestock/estate guardians of the village. There is a modest shop for completing projects and repairs as necessary. A two man portable saw mill is used to make lumber for furniture and building materials for use in the village. Tractors, equipment, tools, greenhouse and much more are owned outright by the village at Prairie Creek Settlement as the inhabitants there abide by the philosophy that "one should owe no one anything" and that "it is greater to give than receive".

This is where the Ubuntu Contributionism Model begins to manifest and where the first known American village of its kind in modern times begins the transition into an economy driven by contributions of one's skills, talents and knowledge which serve as the basis for the economic structure where goods and services are obtained as a result of the efforts of those who simply do what they love and are good at for the benefit of the people of the greater community.


Gifting is encouraged within the surrounding fiat money based communities with priority given to those willing to gift their skills and talents in return.


This is not a new concept.  In fact Ancient Cultures and Tribal Groups flourished in unimaginable abundance under this "Labor of Love" model without any need or use for money. Historical evidence supports the practice as recent as the Indian Tribes of Turtle Island (aka, modern day America). Europeans mistook wampum for a form of money when in fact it would have been better understood as a sort of records system. But soon after empirical thought exploited the sacred purpose of wampum and began using it as they had the money from their home lands from whence they came, wampum was quickly subjected to inflation and was subsequently rendered worthless.

The Village at Prairie Creek Settlement is radically forging a path into the future by implementing ancient ways of living which inspired the set of courses offered by the skilled artisans and instructors of the AncientWay Living Courses periodically held onsite by invitation.


The focus of the courses offered is on ancient methods of:

Producing Nutrient Dense Foods with AncientWay Farming Methods,

Creating Earth Friendly Housing while using Sacred Geometry to Enhance Human and Environmental Health

Providing Education and Training in Concepts of Ancient Advanced Technologies and Life Skills with a priority on becoming completely independent of all monetary systems.

Those who participate in the courses can expect to come away thinking more like a Responsible Member of Humanity with a duty to function as a  Protector of Creation (instead of a citizen of a kingdom with a duty to support the destructive whims of a tyrannical king).

There is no religious requirement. No enforceable rules beyond the duty to treat others the way you yourself want to be treated and to care for all of creation in a respectful manner, as opposed to destroying the earth or harming the creation. Each of us has an inherent right as human beings to defend ourselves from harm. 

There is limited space for on-site contributors to the project at this time. However if you meet the following criteria you may apply to be considered for participation  in the following areas:

Full Time Gardener and AncientWay Farming Instructor.

Head Mechanic in Small Engines, Automotive and/or Diesel.

A Bulk and Surplus Grocer (willing and able to secured and operate a country store)

An Artisan Baker and Instructor (capable of learning, teaching and running a full-time Bakery)

An Artisan Butcher and Meats Processor and Instructor (capable of learning, teaching and running a full-time Meat Processing Shop)

An Artisan Poultry Processor and Instructor (capable of learning, teaching and running a full-time Poultry Processing Shop)

An Artisan Food Processor and Instructor (knowledgeable in fermentation and natural food preservation methods)

Also, Master Craftsmen Instructors, capable of teaching (and learning) in the follow Areas:





Those skilled in Timber Framing and Ancient Building Techniques.

For those who feel Qualified for any of the above rolls within the village Please contact Tribal Council for information of how to make your request known.

Those accepted to the project will be awarded stewardship over a specific piece land within the Village whose size and location is best suited to your project. Councils Discretion may afford some building supplies as available, tools and equipment may be available depending upon skill level and your ability to respond should a tool/equipment need repair or replacement. All Instructors and/or participants in this project are responsible for completing and procuring your buildings, seeing  your projects through to completion, obtaining all necessary equipment, furnishings, inventory, etc...  to make your project fully operational. All projects function under the Ubuntu Model as outlined in the "UBUNTU Blueprint for Humanity" book. Link coming soon.


To learn more about the goals of Prairie Creek Settlement please read the information under the UBUNTU tab on the menu above and watch the detailed video on the UBUNTU page for better clarification of why this community has taken on the vision of moving towards a moneyless world with abundance and freedom for ALL!

Those wishing to participate by local commute are welcomed by invitation. Please contact Tribal Council for assistance in placing your request. HERE



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