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This series of videos with John Taylor Gatto is, by far, one of the most informative videos covering the evolution of education in America as well as exposing the true intent and purpose behind historical events that were used to accomplish agendas not very well understood by the mainstream populace. Below is the first of five videos in a series that discusses, in depth, historical aspects of how education in America was replaced with a Prussian model of Schooling that has destroyed the fabric of the entrepreneurial enterprise of the country. You will understand how this came to be and other fascinating historical facts that led to harnessing the productivity of the people for the furthering of the state.

(John Taylor Gatto begins speaking after the 17 minute introduction in the first video.)

Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto 1 of 5

Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto 2 of 5

Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto 3 of 5

Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto 4 of 5

Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto 5 of 5

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