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What on Earth Is Happening?

Mark Passio, the great Aggregator of Information. Mark succinctly presents his findings of years of study and truth seeking. His hard hitting, pulls no punches approach can be off-putting to some. We prefer to chalk it up to the fact that often times it's really just Truth that hurt's.

Mark covers a vast field of topics ranging from hidden knowledge to natural law. In this section of our site will find his presentations discussing Education in the terms of the Trivium and Quadrivium Models.


Enjoy the videos and be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this page to view other topics he speaks on included on our site.

The Best Explanation of the Trivium ~ Mark Passio

The Best Explanation of the Quadrivium ~ Mark Passio

Want more from Mark Passio?

Mark Passio's Biography & Contact can be accessed on his Website located HERE
Mark's YouTube Channel is located HERE where you will find a wealth of Information on various interesting topics
Follow Mark on Twitter HERE
Want to see Mark in Person? Check out the 'Free Your Mind Conference' at the link below to reserve your tickets. Mark will be sharing along with other great speakers at the event ~
Free Your Mind Conference



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