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AncientWay Artisan™ Course ~ Milling

Milling Courses present those with a knack or a desire to process grains with a knowledge base to cultivate, harvest, store, process and use the various grains for use in foods for both people and animals. As a Miller apprentice and student you can expect to be exposed to the tools and wisdom used by Master Millers along with ancient practices being rediscovered and put to use today for the good of the Creation.
Training Includes:
Identification and Uses of Various Grains
Nutritional Qualities of Various Grain Types
Cultivation, Storage and Preparations
Application for Animals
And More...
These courses are currently under development with openings available for those who are interested in becoming Master Milling Instructors. Training is available, space is limited. To inquire please contact Prairie Creek Settlement HERE.

Instructors are provided training, land and cooperation of labor assistance within the village to design and complete the projects pertaining to ones area of interest to provide instruction that benefits the community at large and preserves and/or restores beneficial customs and/or tradition that fulfills the Ubuntu Philosophy. Instructors are responsible to present the plan and the resources with which they intend to complete their proposed project. Assistance may be provided in completing the details of these plans as the founding members may contribute due to their knowledge and familiarity of the location and the resources and opportunities available to those who would be relocating. The founders of this project strive to make each and every project a success and desire to assist and help all instructors and village guests in all ways possible to accomplish their projects. All instructors and Village guests are expected to assist in the contribution of ones time and/or fruits that serve the best interest of the purpose and mission of the project as outlined in the Ubuntu Contributionism - Blueprint for Humanity "UBUNTU: If it's not good for everyone, it's no good at all" Likewise each contributing participant will derive the benefits of other participants time and/or fruits so that we can each grow and succeed our mission together.

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