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Written Thoughts by - Kevin ‘He Who Has Know Name’ Towt, President of  Oklevueha Native American Church of Orderville, ONAC of Touquerville and Author of the Book, The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration


Indigenous Medicine Ways of healing were and still are,widely held in an oral tradition. Within the past 100 years or so, many North American Indigenous Nations have created an alphabet, put their words into a written language and constructed dictionaries to define the meaning of those words and their pronunciations.


Until this point, the Old Way was a communication that could be incredibly complex coming in the forms of body posturing and/or hand-sign language…from smoke signals to symbols in animal forms. We can see today the ‘writings’ etched in rock walls standing for thousands of years. This explanation is hardly a fair description of the many and varied forms of communication that went on in the ancient traditions.


It is given here to assist a person in seeing why some parts of the Old Ways of transformation have been ‘rediscovered’ in herbal writing and studies of 18th and 19th century European (American) settlers and their herbal doctors. Many individuals went to the indigenous people to learn of their treatments. As such, our understandings and insights of the indigenous knowledge for herbal and other remedies has come to us today largely in a form of Folk Medicine.


Herbal doctors would write and publish texts on their experiences with patients. They have shared how the herbs, salves, poultices, liniments and other therapies would influence certain sicknesses, disease and imbalances.


What is being added here are the cutting edge insights that modern medical science has been uncovering as it relates to the inner workings of the human body. Knowledge of the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and other organs adds volumes to the origins of what we are when applied in an ancient way.


In addition, the success through direct experience achieved by individuals living today brings even further, more insightful possibilities for an entirely new, yet Old Way for the transformation and restoration of the human condition.


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All of the areas of our site were created with the intention to offer you as many of the pertinent articles, videos, links and information that served for us as breadcrumbs marking out the path we have traveled to arrive where we are today. This road map of sorts we offer you here is designed to bring you along the path we ourselves have traveled so that should you desire to take our AncientWay Living™ Courses, Join the Ubuntu Village here, Become a Member of our Oklevueha Native American Church or just share in general discussion with us, should we meet someday, then there may exist a good basis from which to mutually benefit one another in productive and informative conversation.


All of our AncientWay Living™ Courses are structured with the concepts presented within our site and these concepts are built into the foundation of our courses. Think of the information presented here as a form of "Required Reading" if you want to get the most out of your interactions with us. We then expand upon these concepts and practices with additional wisdom based in Nature and Ancient Practices to enhance the existing models.

This is also the basis from which many of the practices carried out within the Ubuntu Village 'Prairie Creek Settlement' can be best understood.

NOTE: It is critically important to understand that we do not necessarily endorse ALL of the information presented as conclusive or complete. Rather as stated before we have discovered wisdom and a place from which to formulate new "old" ideas and grow from in most cases.


We hope you enjoy reviewing our journey and we look forward to connecting with all who have "walked a (virtual) mile in our shoes" to discover where we resonate with one another.

~Walk Sacred~



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