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The Sacred Ways


Written Thoughts by - Kevin ‘He Who Has Know Name’ Towt, President of  Oklevueha Native American Church of Orderville, ONAC of Touquerville and Author of the Book, The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration


Sacred Ways


Every culture no matter how modern or ancient has its’ medical ways; Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aryuvedic from out of India or Tribal Shamanism found in many ancient races all ‘attempt’ to diagnose and treat disease. Without going into the details of any or all of these modalities existent today, vast differences can be seen in the approach of each. The success or failure of these systems is not for debate here.


They are mentioned because the indigenous, Okleveuha Native American Church Old Way of Transformation, although interconnected, is a unique Vision of Mankind. Created before the foundations of this Earth were even laid, that paradigm begins to take form when each of us experiences for the first time what we are as a biological and astrological species. Yes we have human DNA & RNA and it is incredibly similar to all other Life. But for modern man, it is a spiraling Central Strand born of a Central Sun.


We are not simply of the Earth and all that is about us. We are also of the Stars, the Moon and the Sun. The Okleveuha, indigenous way of Transformation being ‘resurrected’ within this script is Real and Present. To know Its’ Way is to experience Love, Respect, Gratitude and Reverence for all life like never before. It has been experienced time and again as an incredible Cosmic Awakening.


This is the nature of the Sacred. It will have Its’ Way with each of us and It will Transform. What we are is vast, Infinite and will ‘move mountains’ of limited, human perception. With the right actions, we experience the Maturing Being without compromise, true to Its’ genetic form and empowered to change the world (inside and out) in whole and new ways.



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